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My name is Shaun K Anderson, and I struggled/struggle with severe depression and anxiety since (probably) I was 21. Maybe longer. That's nearly 20 years of struggle, six of those years using various prescribed medication for anxiety, depression, and sleep.

After a conversation at a crossroads (of sorts) with close friends, I discovered they were struggling with very similar issues. Friends I had known for half a decade at that point but was only then learning of a common struggle. It was at this crossroads that I decided that I would somehow, start communicating. Thus, the Sick Leave Podcast.

Having run various businesses for over a decade, my aim is to have honest and gritty chats with business leaders/owners/operators throughout New Zealand about their journeys with mental health. I'll also chat with experts in mental health, nutritionists, and social leaders about... hope. 

Lets turn the lights on.


Shaun K Anderson